About the Native Home of Hope

The Native Home of Hope is a blog about contemporary literary writers in and around the American West. That doesn’t mean we write Westerns, though some of us do. Most of us are alive, though not always. We're focused on the literary - fiction, essay, memoir, and poetry. Above all, this is a place to congregate.

Things that might be found here: author interviews, book reviews, blog tours, reading dates, conferences, MFAs, literary magazines, fiction, poetry, art, photography, books coming out, personal essays, why I write, literary weather reports, and visual essays. Things that won’t be found here: assholes who flame, anti-intellectualism, and criticism that glorifies the critic and demeans the writer.

The purpose of the Native Home of Hope is to foster the literary endeavors of writers of the American West. We’re loosely defining the West as Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, and Alaska. And so our content will be by and about writers who are from there or who write about the West. It can be westerns, but there are many great writers who write about the West who don’t write the genre of westerns.

Above all, it should be literary. The term has a long and complicated history and we won’t go into a definition here, but by literary we mean in the genre of literary or that aspires to good writing. (It can be genre as long as it aspires to be literary.)

We want to be a clearinghouse for writers of the West. We want to be the place where people come to find out what’s happening and listen in or contribute to the conversations around writing.

We will take the following:
  • author interviews and profiles
  • book reviews
  • books coming out
  • reviews of conferences or MFAs or retreats
  • literary magazines
  • essays
  • personal essays about the West or writing
  • fiction and poetry
  • art and photography
  • why I write
  • book tour and blog tour dates
  • literary weather reports

Bottom Line: If you need to promote your book, let us know. If you want to add to the conversation, let us know.

We are actively seeking people to be contributors, and if you are particularly interested, we would love to have you on board as an editor and someone who gathers others’ material. And, unfortunately (and you knew this was coming), this isn’t a paying gig. We do it for the love.

Email us at NativeHomeOfHope at gmail dot com. Don’t be shy.

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